#Content Marketing

ABC HORIZON partners up with Quan – an Intellectual Property company specialising in Character development and marketing, to provide Acecook Vietnam marketing and branding solutions.

Scope & Potential

ABC HORIZON partnered up and actively works with Quan – an Intellectual Property company specialising in Character development and marketing.

Acecook Vietnam is the #1 Share instant noodle company in Vietnam, with its most prominent product being Hao Hao. Loved by many, this product has become a home name in Vietnam. Unfortunately, while exposure for Hao Hao noodles may be high, many Vietnamese consumers did not associate Hao Hao noodles with its brand – Acecook Vietnam, nor its other product offerings.

ABC HORIZON identified that the employment of Character marketing would effectively bridge the dissociation between company and product. Hence, we worked together with Quan to execute this strategy by marketing Acecook Vietnam's character, 'Tasty Kid' to its local consumers.

Strategies & Execution

To raise awareness of Acecook Vietnam's brand, Quan developed a 'sticker pack', integrating Acecook Vietnam's character, 'Tasty Kid', and adorable original Japanese character 'Piyomaru'. The sticker pack was launched on Zalo – Vietnam's top messaging system (think Whatsapp and Line) to reach the vietnamese market, quickly and seamlessly.

The employment of character marketing on Zalo is able to deliver non-textual communication in a fun but effective way, making it ideal to connect with the mass Vietnamese audience without much resistance.


The character marketing of Tasty Kid x Piyomaru proved extremely effective – noting over 1 million downloads of its sticker pack in 3 months.

Awareness of Acecook Vietnam and familiarisation of 'Tasty Kid' with Hao Hao noodles have correspondingly increased, resolving the dissociation of Brand and product for Acecook Vietnam.