Daicel Asia develops, manufactures and sells a variety of high quality materials and products globally. Its latest environmentally friendly engineered plastic – Cellulose Resin is in focus.

Scope & Potential

Daicel Asia manufactures an array of materials including engineering plastics such as environmentally friendly cellulose resin, which is biodegradable and much kinder to the earth. With the rise in awareness of sustainability and environmental accountability, now more than ever, the option for such a material is pertinent.

Daicel Asia is focused on promoting its quality cellulose resin material to its clients on a global scale.

Strategies & Execution

In response to a request from the company to expand its sales channels overseas, we created a website and set up specific targeting for potential consumers of the company's products. Relying primarily on digital advertising, ABC HORIZON is supporting Daicel Asia in lead generation and to acquire new customers.