#New Market Entry

Geared to introduce the beauty and rich history of Ishikawa Prefecture to the Singapore market, ABC HORIZON delivered a pop-up store in the heart of the city.

Scope & Potential

Known fondly as the Land of Gold and Art of Japan, Ishikawa Prefecture boasts of highly skilled craftsmen who dedicate their lives to honing their skills and creating exquisite craft pieces.

While Japan is a well-loved destination for many, awareness of Ishikawa prefecture and its handcrafted goods are less-known in Singapore. Unlike your average cookie-cut ceramic tea sets, or mass-produced Washi papers, the crafts that originate from this Craftsmen Town are extremely exquisite – breathing art and culture into every piece. To keep its rich history and artistry alive, Ishikawa prefecture sought to introduce its crafts to the Singapore market, generating interest and awareness of its offerings.

Strategies & Execution

With localised knowledge of the market's preferences and appetite for Japanese products, ABC HORIZON planned and delivered a pop-up store in the heart of Singapore, with Ishikawa handcrafted goods for sale.

Geared to pique the interest of the local consumer, the type of processed foods and crafts were thoughtfully selected to best represent Ishikawa prefecture's rich culture, while maintaining strong relevance to consumers. Gold flakes was one of the main goods presented, due to its consistent popularity in Japanese desserts (eg. Gold flakes ice cream, coffee), and the versatility of its usage across consumables.


Through this pop-up store set-up, Ishikawa Prefecture enjoyed heightened exposure and sales of its processed foods and crafts within the local market, effectively gaining awareness of its prefecture.