A growing industrial hub, ABC HORIZON supports Takasaki City in strengthening its position in the industrial field on a global scale through the participation in ITAP fair.

Scope & Potential

Takasaki is not only well-known for tourism but also as an industrial hub. The city has modern businesses and industrial parks, where leading companies develop cutting-edge technologies, solutions and products in fields such as machineries, metals, chemicals and waste disposal.

It is also the home to world-class research institutes, bio-industries and advanced pharmaceutical industries. Takasaki is well connected to other main industrial areas in Japan thus contributing positively to Japan's growth.

Takasaki City aims to position itself more prominently in the industrial field on a global scale, with the support of ABC HORIZON in its active participation in the ITAP Fair.

Strategies & Execution

ABC HORIZON supported Takasaki City in the development of overseas sales channels and the creation of business opportunities for their local companies through participation in ITAP Fair in 2018 and 2019.

ABC HORIZON harmonised the event on behalf of Takasaki City through thoughtful coordination down to a tee – from assigning translators, to arranging for Takasaki produce to be served as onsite bites, to creating opportunities for business matching, the event came together smoothly and seamlessly. PR activities onsite such as craft demonstrations and distribution of flyers were also managed by ABC HORIZON.