The pivoting consumption trend of bottled tea over loose leaves for Japanese Tea in the Japan market meant that Tea Farmers were gradually seeing a loss in income. Focus was placed to boost the consumption of Japanese tea in Singapore to support the demand of tea leaves from Japanese tea farmers via an educational Landing Page .

Besides sharing about the various types of teas available and extensive benefits of Japanese tea on mind and body, the page also includes a simple guide to brewing a good pot of tea.

Japanese Tea Promotion and AI Modelling














Read on to learn more about how we supported the promotion of Japanese Tea in Singapore, and explored an interesting AI service at the same time!

Scope & Potential

In the Japanese market, the number of people choosing to consume bottled tea drinks is on the rise. The pivoting consumption of tea from tea bags and loose leaves means the demand for tea leaves decreases accordingly.

While tea remains a widely popular drink choice in Japan, this consumption trend has inevitably impacted the income and livelihood of Japanese tea farmers severely.

Strategies & Execution

While Japanese tea farmers rely largely on its domestic market, the demand for Japanese tea has been on the rise overseas, with export figures slowly climbing.

As the third largest consumer of Japanese tea in the world after Germany and the United States, Singapore is positioned as a very opportune market to drive demand for the tea leaves.

In March 2021, a branding campaign to raise awareness of Japanese tea was conducted in Singapore to raise awareness and appreciation of the benefits of Japanese tea and encourage its consumption and purchase.

In creating the landing page, images of tea leaves and people enjoying Japanese tea were needed as visuals. This identified an opportunity for us to explore AI modelling with our client, which substituted the need to engage real life models and arrange a professional shoot to achieve. While it is a fairly new and progressive AI service, it provided the project an alternative content creation solution to the conventional, which may otherwise be costly and requires a longer lead time to facilitate. For this project, we worked with DATAGRID INC. to deliver the AI simulation of models.

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