Lesser known to many, Takasaki city boasts of a myriad of beautiful tourist attractions. For the 2nd series running, ABC HORIZON smoothly arranged Takasaki city’s participation in the NATAS fair and managed the collaboration with a leading local travel agency for the city’s destination marketing.

Scope & Potential

Takasaki is a city located 100km northwest of Tokyo - just one-hour away by the Shinkansen bullet train, with a population of over 370,000. The city is rich in tourism resources including an abundance of nature and places of mystical energy. Places of interest include the White-Robed Goddess of Mercy statue, the Haruna Shrine and Lake Haruna; where people enjoy leisure activities all year round.

For years running, Japan remains as a top destination choice for Singaporeans looking for leisure travels. However, many may have already traveled to main big cities in Japan, and are seeking new experiences in less-explored locations.

Takasaki being only 1 hour away from Tokyo, with many scenic and interesting places for sightseeing, positions itself as an attractive leisure spot for the Singapore market.

Strategies & Execution

ABC HORIZON actively supports Takasaki City in its participation in the NATAS event in 2019 for Summer / Winter through various processes – from the coordination work pre-event to the PR activities onsite (eg. Daruma give away contests and Daruma drawing demonstrations by a Japanese Daruma master, stage performances and celebrity interview), the team works together with Takasaki City officials on the smooth delivery of the event.

Besides the event delivery, ABC HORIZON also undertook the management of the collaboration between Takasaki City and Dynasty Travel (one of the largest local travel agencies) to create a travel tour package to Takasaki, encouraging sales and promotion of the city as a travel destination.


The participation of Takasaki City in the NATAS fair saw astounding interests from the local community, with snaking queues onsite Takasaki booth, and high volume of audiences for the stage performances.

The Dynasty & Takasaki tour package also saw 8 sales conversions from the marketing done onsite.