#Content Marketing

With the rise of use of digital platforms and greater saturation of content online, more than ever marketers need to explore different strategies to stand out from competition.

One such way brands are experimenting with brand expression and catching the eyeballs of their consumers is through Character Marketing. This is where Quan takes the lead.

Quan Landing Page & Facebook Campaign


Some of the iconic Original Quan Characters, such as Piyomaru, Usagyuuun And Betakkuma, are featured on its Campaign Page – Check it out for a deeper dive into what Quan is all about. This could be something that would work for your brand! 

Drop us a message  to find out how Quan’s Characters can amplify your marketing efforts and suit your business needs.

Scope & Potential

ABC HORIZON worked together with Quan, the World-leading Stickers Download company in promoting its Character Marketing services to the Singapore market, and potentially generate real leads.

Strategies & Execution

Employing a fun, catchy Landing page, the team worked to raise awareness of Quan, the brand and its associated Characters to the Singapore market. A true alignment of what the brand is about, the landing page offers a quick overview of the company's portfolio, achievements and offerings via brightly-coloured, kawaii tones and elements.

The campaign also involved launching targeted Facebook advertising, for accuracy and complementary effort in lead generation.