#New Market Entry

Known as the Kingdom of Vegetables and Lucky Town, ABC HORIZON worked together with Takasaki Prefecture on a series of integrated strategies to promote its fresh produce to the Singapore market.

Scope & Potential

Takasaki City produces rich and fresh fruits and vegetables, such as Jumbo pears and Ume (Japanese plum).
They are constantly looking for opportunities to raise awareness and interest in their fresh produce, and to integrate these foods into the local market's consumption and palette.

Tapping on the localised knowledge and network of ABC HORIZON, Takasaki City can distribute its produce and goods through multiple avenues, delivering a higher reach and result on its efforts.

Strategies & Execution

Prior to the Covid-19 situation, ABC HORIZON represented Takasaki City to reach out to the local market to conduct sales activities and promotion of Takasaki City fresh produce.

We worked with local high-end restaurants utilising these quality produce in its menus, and managed the collaborations with chefs who integrated these food into their menu as original creations.

Following the recent health pandemic and varied restrictions, ABC HORIZON shifted its sales efforts online to adapt to the new circumstances. We collaborated with a local online food shopping mall, "Wakeari", to sell and deliver Takasaki fresh fruits and vegetables directly to customers' homes, effectively mitigating the issue of reach.

As the top plum (Ume) harvester in East Japan, Takasaki City wanted to promote its Ume to the local market through an Umeshu Fest. For this event, ABC HORIZON fronted Takasaki City to collaborate with 9 local restaurants / bars to create original Umeshu recipes, made available for sale to customers.

ABC HORIZON works primarily as an intermediary to connect all players and bridge the gap of communication and trade. We managed the Japan External Trade Organization Gunma Prefecture project which catered to introducing Gunma food to local high-end chefs. With our management of the project, all parties from the farmers, to the chefs, and agency involved were able to seamlessly communicate during the event.


Through our management and liaison of the projects, awareness and appreciation of Takasaki City's fresh produce has heightened within the local community. Sales for these produce have also evidently increased, and hearteningly found its place in some of the Michelin star restaurants (B2B).

The availability of these fresh produce was also made accessible to consumers (B2C), even under strict and unforeseen restrictions due to Covid-19. This fostered a tighter sales channel and a more robust place for the Takasaki foods in Singapore.

The Umeshu Fest carried out in 9 restaurants islandwide, noted popular responses with the local market – some restaurants reporting the sale of over 100 glasses of Umeshu a week. This encouraging result reflects the high acceptance and interest taken in Takasaki Ume – a step closer to spreading awareness of the fruit. Besides that, sales of Takasaki Ume correspondingly increased as demand soared during the Umeshu Fest, further fortifying the positive marketing results.

Lastly, the JETRO Gunma Project ABC HORIZON managed, linked all parties closer together, spreading the Gunma food to local chefs. This collaborative effort was not only sensible for the businesses involved, but also served as a motivation to the farmers in Gunma who were able to see the fruits of their labour flourish and appreciated far and wide.