Bringing Spring time in Japan to Singapore, ABC Horizon supports Tokyu Hands in its promotion of the Tokyu Hands Spring Collection 2021 Campaign, through KOL (influencer) marketing management.

Examples of Tokyu Hands Spring Collection Campaign Posts:
Tokyu Hands Spring Collection


Scope & Potential

Sakura blossoms are an iconic part of Japan, and a familiar theme to most Singaporeans. With the continual suspension of leisure travel, many are undoubtedly yearning to travel more than ever. Tokyu Hands – Japan's leading lifestyle store recognised this opportunity to provide its customers with a different yet immersive and meaningful shopping experience, and hence Tokyu Hands Spring Collection was launched earlier in April this year.

Besides ushering in Spring, the Collection which features Japan-made exclusive Spring themed products across various lifestyle categories, takes you back to beautiful Japan with its pastel tones and iconic cherry blossom petals.

Strategies & Execution

ABC Horizon supported the promotion of Tokyu Hands Spring Collection Campaign by providing KOL Management services, marrying a pool of Japan-loving local profiles to the Japanese-crafted exclusive products in the collection, and effectively amplifying the promotional message to real consumers via the power of social media.

The campaign ideation and thoughtful selection of profiles were jointly steered by both Toyku Hands and ABC Horizon with a best-fit profile to product design in mind. Then, the following execution stages – content management, tracking and analysing were passed on to our team for a seamless and fruitful journey through the campaign.

Finally, a post campaign report was prepared, to close the campaign officially and provide an overview of the campaign performance. Authentic feedback from multiple angles – KOLs, consumers and client, was also discussed as we consistently strive to improve both the client experience and community expectations.


There are many variations influencer marketing can work for a business, and here at ABC Horizon, we believe that the success of a campaign lies in many points – one being strong alignment of representatives and a brand or its campaign goals.

The precise line-up of KOL profiles in this campaign was pivotal in ensuring that a strong, consistent message was being communicated to a variety of demographics of Tokyu Hands consumers. A good match of profile to product heightened the levels of authenticity of the posts with stronger levels of persuasion, which was reflected in the overall campaign performance – higher performance noted against all set KPIs and industry benchmarks.

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