C Channel x Food Japan Collaboration

C Channel beautyawards 2020

C Channel – brainchild of former LINE CEO, Akira Morikawa, is a Japanese-borned online digital magazine / content platform focusing heavily on fashion, beauty, and other women-centric lifestyle topics. It positions itself as an avenue for millennial women to obtain practical, bite-size tips in the form of 60-second videos – highly entertaining yet digestible.

Currently, C Channel has expanded to 9 countries – Japan, Taiwan, Korea, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and most recently, Singapore and Malaysia. The expansion of operations in Singapore and Malaysia saw the birth of a partnership between C Channel and ABC Horizon in May 2019, with ABC Horizon taking over the channel's media operations and sales from its Singapore office.

As C Channel is still a fairly young name in the local market, ABC Horizon undertook the planning of a localised beauty event – C Channel beautyawards 2020, in an effort to build up C Channel's local media presence, and reach its local audience and potential clientele more effectively.

The event is set to happen at the end of February, tying in with the Spring and Summer seasons. It primarily involves the blind-testing of various skincare and cosmetic products by local KOLs (familiarly recognised as 'Influencers'), thoughtfully selected to provide a real, raw and honest opinion of women of diverse profiles and backgrounds. This event will be unlike any other – as the theme screams, "beauté in every skin.", we want to embrace beauty in all stages of life, regardless of age, race, size and more. No one is born identical to another – so who's to say what's the standard of beauty? Love yourself and play with all the colours and textures you want in your beauty regime!

Here is a sneak peak of the event video:

The event will also serve as a platform for the ladies to mingle and bond over like-minded topics such as beauty, skincare, etc. and pick up interesting tips from budding make-up artist Jane Shah, who will be hosting her Spring/Summer Bold Eyeshadow Makeup Masterclass!

With food, fun and good vibes, we are excitedly looking forward to the event and meeting all the amazing attendees!

Stay tuned for more updates and coverage of the event later in the month.