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Jasmine Sokko Releases New Single “F5” as SensAsia Original Theme Song

Singapore, March 2nd: ABC HORIZON announced that Jasmine Sokko released her new single “F5”, which is used as the original theme song for SensAsia.

Jasmine Sokko is an electronic artist in Singapore. Her debut single '1057' became the number 1 song on Spotify Singapore’s Top 50 Viral chart and number 8 in Spotify Indonesia’s Top 50 Viral chart in the week of 10 October 2016. She has played notably in festivals like the Ultra Music Festival Singapore 2017, the Puma Night Run, the Gucci 2018 Summer Collection showcase, and more.

In a statement of the press release, Jasmine Sokko shares that, “A person with an open mind is more impressive than any places one can possibly travel in the universe. It will take an open mind to absorb new experiences and places. This song channels that particular thought which I want to convey.”

That's what SensAsia is about – keeping an open mind and allowing yourself to discover the beauty beyond the chatter (find out more about SensAsia in our various articles).

Jasmine Sokko's F5 full music video:

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