“SensAsia” will premiere on March 2018


Singapore, January 8th: ABC HORIZON announced that “SensAsia” the first TV show ABC HORIZON produced will premiere on Saturday, 17th March and 24th March at 10:00AM on NET. in Indonesia.  

SensAsia” is a travel/beauty TV show about a journey of spiritual awakening revealing some of the most enchanting health, beauty and wellness secrets that Asia has to offer.

Two of the region’s most celebrated women are on a journey to leave behind the hustle and bustle of their busy high-profile lives to discover the beauty and peace that some of Asia’s most exotic locations have to offer. 


The location of the Episode 1 is in Siem Reap and the Episode 2 is in Sihanoukville in Cambodia.

Two hosts will introduce the hidden beauty in “SensAsia”. Melody Yoko Reilly, well-known fashion model based in Tokyo, Japan and Wang Meng, actress and model, based in Singapore are on journey to find “true beauty” with you.

In addition to enjoying “SensAsia” on TV, OTT platform “Zulu” will also be able to view episodes of “SensAsia”.

Fans can start engaging on social media by using hashtag #SensAsia and find more content about the show on “SensAsia”’s official site,  Facebook and Instagram.


SensAsia produced by ABC HORIZON

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