Our Team

We are a tight team of 8, from diverse backgrounds. Everyone has his or her own expertise and together, we integrate our capabilities to bring you a seamless and meaningful experience of our service.


At the helm of our ship is Osamu Nara, Managing Director of ABC Horizon.

With vast experience managing business units in Content, Event Management and Business Development back in our Head Office in Osaka, Osamu Nara leads the local team in its business efforts.


Seasoned in Content Distribution and Sales, Anna is the Business Director of the team.

A peoples person, Anna loves socialising and networking which explains her role in the business development and sales of our team! Besides sniffing out business opportunities, she has us all sniffing the bakes she periodically chubs us up with!


Ken is our Senior Consultant boasting years of Marketing and Advertising experience.

Equipped with digital and advertising expertise, Ken is highly skilled in his craft. Do not be fooled by his quiet demeanour, this man is the one to look for if you need effective, strategic business solutions!


Beauty and Brains, Akiko is our Senior Consultant and helms the Investment and Research arm of the team.

Providing cross-border business support in strategic market and industry research, Akiko works closely with our global clients to make strong, informed business decisions. She also heads the Start-up consultancy team!


Dubbed as the J.Lo of the company, Ain is our dynamic Senior Account Manager.

A burst of energy, Ain loves networking and being active. She is the go-to person for C CHANNEL - so look for her energetic self! ...or she will look for you!!


Hana is affectionately thought of as part-time Yogi, and Full-time Office Manager of our team.

Full of fun, Hana has great attention to detail – no wonder she capably manages the HR, Accounts, and all office procedures for the team! She is also active in the management of client events.


Everyone hates numbers... but not her – Jasmine is the Analytics and Digital Marketing girl of our team!

Besides crunching numbers, Jasmine crunches our snacks in the pantry. Pick at her brains for your Social Media needs!