Company Mission

1. To provide our clients and partners greater value through our combined offering of broadcast content, entertainment and advertising
2. To create and maximize a new global value proposition through our unique business network
3. To create a bridge between the cultures of Japan, Singapore and the rest of Asia

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Susumu Okinaka
Asahi Broadcasting Group Holdings Corporation
Representative Director and President

ABC HORIZON was established in Singapore on December 6, 2016 as a subsidiary company of Asahi Broadcasting Corporation. Asahi Broadcasting Corporation is one of the oldest commercial TV and radio station companies in Japan.

ABC HORIZON aims to create “exciting communications” which are “hot” enough to excite and touch people everywhere.

ABC HORIZON will offer a variety of elements, such as broadcast content, entertainment, and advertising, with a focus on life and lifestyle.

Inspired by the creative energy in Singapore and other Asian Countries, ABC HORIZON is committed to developing heartfelt and meaningful communication between people in Japan and the rest of Asia. In this way, we hope to contribute to the success and prosperity of the region.

ABC HORIZON is a fledgling company born with a belief in what lies beyond the horizon and we look forward to working with you to help shape the future.

June 2017



Tamiki Honda
Managing Director

Asahi Broadcasting Corporation was established in 1951. Communication has changed and evolved immensely in the 66 years since then. Mass communication have grown and diversified to include the internet, SNS, and apps. This dramatic development of communication tools has made the world more compact than ever before.

Using the many diverse communication tools available today, we can connect anytime, anywhere with virtually anyone in the world.

ABC HORIZON is committed to creating content and distributing information that helps connect people from different cultures and companies with their consumers.

We located our offices in Singapore in order to create unique content in this region and become a “communications hub” in ASEAN.

Just as the sun light shines on the world across the horizon, we would like to shed new light on people and companies through our communications.

We look forward to working with you to achieve this.

June 2017

本田 民樹

Corporate Profile

Registration No.201633200W
Date Founded 6 December 2016 (incorporated May 2017)
Capital Stock 1,200,000 SGD
Business Entity Private Company Limited by Shares
Shareholder 100% Asahi Broadcasting Group Holdings Corporation  Asahi Broadcasting Corporation
Main Business Activities ASEAN Market Research, New Business Development, Business Support
Company Address 11 North Buona Vista Drive, The Metropolis Tower 2 #08-09, Singapore 138589
Directors Osamu Nara (Managing Director)
Tamiki Honda (Managing Director)
Hiroshi Noshita
Mitsuaki Muto
Kenji Yamamoto
Hidetsugu Ohara

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