Company Mission

1. To provide our clients and partners greater value through our combined offering of broadcast content, entertainment and advertising
2. To create and maximize a new global value proposition through our unique business network
3. To create a bridge between the cultures of Japan, Singapore and the rest of Asia

Top Messages

Osamu Nara
Managing Director

“To create an innovating business; one that no Japanese broadcasting stations have ever accomplished before”.

The goal for ABC HORIZON, founded December 2016.

Looking back at the history of Japan, TV has been the King of Entertainment that helped the high economic growth period from the late 1950’s to the 70’s. Within those 20 years, content such as anime started to flourish, which marked the beginning of the development of Japanese original content.

In the present day, the same elements of development can be seen in Southeast Asia, as demands for entertainment continue to increase. In the modern day, TV programs are not the only form of visual information and entertainment out there. Social media, clips we see on the internet, commercials on the streets, within movies, or anything more you may come up with.  Being in the frontline of these industries, there are lots to learn from the generation of new creators. Therefore, we see a key to an infinite possibility; potential in forming a new wave of business.

Our parent company, Asahi Broadcasting Corporation (Asahi Broadcasting Group Holdings Corporation) is one of the private broadcasting stations with the longest history in Japan. We cannot wait and see what the combination of our knowledge and experience with the passion of new creators can establish.

We plan on expanding our business on content, advertising, consulting, but there are no walls or limits in the creation of an innovating business. Anyone out there with interest in Japan, any creator out there who is keen on starting something new and big with Japanese companies, feel free to contact us anytime, anywhere. We look forward to starting something new with you.

June 2018

Corporate Profile

Registration No.201633200W
Date Founded 6 December 2016 (incorporated May 2017)
Capital Stock 1,200,000 SGD
Business Entity Private Company Limited by Shares
Shareholder 100% Asahi Broadcasting Group Holdings Corporation  Asahi Broadcasting Corporation
Main Business Activities ASEAN Market Research, New Business Development, Business Support
Company Address 152 Beach Road #18-05 Gateway East Singapore 189721
Directors Osamu Nara (Managing Director)
Ken Taguma
Mitsuaki Muto
Kohei Umemoto
Kenji Yamamoto
Hidetsugu Ohara

Let us know if you have an interesting project and would like to work together to bring it to life.