Our Purpose To mutually enhance the values of Japan and Singapore (Asia) and make the people living there smile.

Enhancing the value
of Japan
in Singapore (Asia)

  • Have visitors eat Japanese food that is safe and healthy
  • Experience Japanese history, culture, art, and nature.
  • Promote Japanese high quality/functionality products & services to Asian people.

Enhancing Singapore's
(Asia's) value
in Japan

  • Contribute to the development of Japanese nationals who can play an active role in international society,
    in cooperation with educational institutions in Asian countries.
  • Connecting innovative Singaporean (Asian) start-ups with Japanese corporate investors.
  • Communicate the diversity of Asia’s attractions to Japan.


Agency Service Service1

Support for exporting Japanese products overseas, Attract inbound tourism from overseas, and Promotion of Japanese companies in overseas markets, etc.


International Education Service Service2

We provides opportunities for Japanese people to be exposed to a wide range of international education in collaboration with international schools overseas.


Event/Contents Service Service3

Production of TV programs and corporate promotional videos, Coordination of Japanese participation in overseas events, and Video distribution mainly through SNS, etc.


Consulting/Research Service Service4

Support foreign startups looking to enter the Japanese market, Support Japanese startups hoping to expand their overseas business, and Consult on business creations, etc.