ABC Dream Ventures Invests in Chikaku, an Age Tech company
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ABC Dream Ventures Invests in Chikaku, an Age Tech company

Helmed by President Goro Ishizaki, ABC Dream Ventures, Inc., recently invested in Chikaku Corporation. Chikaku is an age tech company that develops elder-centric solutions, promoting DX (Digital Transformation) for the elderly.

Through its venture investment fund – ABC Dream Fund No. 2 Investment Business Limited Partnership, ABC Dream Ventures, Inc. made the investment. It is proud to propel Chikaku Corporation in developing Mago Channel, a smartphone-to-Television content sharing service. Mago Channel enables users to directly send videos and photos via smartphone applications to their parents or grandparents’ TV sets. This in turn simulates the experience of living together with family for the elderly, who may live apart from family.

This service is in line with Chikaku’s mission of “Seniors First” and is strongly supported by a growing number of users, those age 50 to over 100 years old. The growth of Mago Channel has also tripled over the past year.

ABC Dream Ventures Invests in Chikaku, an Age Tech company
Future Collaboration
An extension of TV functions, Mago Channel has the potential to develop varied services in the future, such as monitoring of the elderly, travel content, and e-commerce. ABC Group will continue to develop new services that enrich the lives of the elderly by seeking collaborations between existing businesses and Chikaku.

ABC Horizon recognises and believes the future lies in deep-tech solutions, hence is always on a lookout for potential partnerships. Here are some of the recent collaborations we have embarked on in the deep tech arena, namely with Brainpool and Sentient.