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ASEAN–JAPAN Television Festival 2017

ASEAN–JAPAN Television Festival 2017

This year is the 2nd time for the event to be held. The thema is “Strength ASEAN-JAPAN Cooperation in Television”.

ASEAN – JAPAN Television Festival has been organized with a view of strength cooperation and staying relevant to the ever-changing landscapes of the broadcasting industry. It aims to deepen mutual cooperation between ASEAN and JAPAN in the areas of TV production, program exchanges, and technological development.

The representative of broadcasters from ASEAN and Japan shared meaningful information on new technologies, and connected through the initiation of potential ideas for future cooperation.

At the event, there were several beneficial workshops to discuss ways in which we can develop the new program. Each country overviewed the circumstances of TV industry they have faced, and how they are treating and co-existing alongside new media – commonly understood as ‘internet media’.

ABC HORIZON has build a strong relationship with broadcasters in ASEAN, and we are well-equipped and excited to work with them for future businesses!.

ABC HORIZON Opening Ceremony

ABC HORIZON Opening Ceremony

On Wednesday, 7th June, we had an opening ceremony at our new office to celebrate the launch of our new business. Asahi Broadcasting Corporation established a subsidiary, ABC HORIZON in Singapore on 2nd May.

Over one hundred people joined us, including Shaun Seow, CEO of Mediacorp, as well as business partners from Japan, Singapore and the rest of Asia.

At the opening ceremony, our managing directors, Mr. Okinaka and Mr. Honda, gave a brief explanation of the business and their hopes for the future.

They also handed out original ABC HORIZON candy as a souvenir for everyone who came. Our parent company, Asahi Broadcasting Corporation, is located in Osaka, Japan where there is a custom of carrying candy as an ice-breaker and gift for any strangers you might meet. This custom is called Ame-Chan and ABC HORIZON hopes to become a heart-warming communication tool across the region, just like Ame-Chan is back in Osaka.

We would like to express our deepest appreciation to everyone who attended and presented us with beautiful celebratory flowers.